Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment is found worldwide. Clinically, the list of conditions craniosacral therapy has helped an impressive length and ranges from reducing anxiety and stress to treat a concussion sustained from a soccer game.

It can be appropriate for the reduction of pain and pressure during orthodontic treatment, chronic ear infections in children, and as a supportive treatment for seizure activity and even Parkinson's disease. Nowadays, there are many clinics out there that provide craniosacral therapy to relieves compression in the bones of the head. All you need to do is type a query 'the best craniosacral therapy near me' and you will find the list of centers that are offering such therapy.

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Craniosacral therapy is also surprisingly help after a car accident for the driver and passengers. Both physical and emotional trauma can be released gently from the body with a short series of treatments. Many women now seek craniosacral therapy during pregnancy.

Babies also benefit from craniosacral therapy. My latest case involves a newborn baby will not turn his head to the right. After three treatments, which also includes other forms of gentle physical manipulation naturopathy, babies have various and easy motion again.

In certain cases, craniosacral therapy can also help with breastfeeding. I always recommend a full work-up to determine the cause of the trouble eating before craniosacral treatment. If the cause is due to not open his mouth wide enough, craniosacral therapy can relax the tightness in the baby's mouth, neck, and head, allowing the baby to latch on more effective.

There is research to support the use of craniosacral therapy for learning disabilities in children, migraine, tinnitus, various types of paralysis and seizure activity, traumatic brain injury, chronic neck pain, and more.