Bath salts are a well-known group of designer drugs. The name is derived from occasions where the drugs were hidden as dead sea salts. They may resemble Epsom salts or scented salts but are different chemically.

They were originally used as a natural way to add moisture to the bathwater. The salts were rubbed into the water and allowed to settle. The user then added a little water to bring the bathwater to the desired temperature.

As the bath salts became popular, they became available in stores, and soon, they were available for use by almost everyone. The chemicals were added to give the water a better scent and a pleasant smell. Today bath salts are considered therapeutic and add a relaxing feeling to the bath water. Many people use them to relax their muscles and help relieve tension from a day's work.

The bath salt trend began to slow down in the 1980's. The reason is because bath salts were associated with parties and the "hip" look of the time. This new image put a dent in the sales of bath salts as people were less likely to bathe with scented products.

However, recently, more people have decided to once again indulge their senses with bath salt scents. People have been reintroduced to the benefits of using bath salt. They realize that not only does the product make a great soak, it also makes a great gift idea. For special occasions, like holidays and anniversaries, the fragrance is sometimes enhanced with scented candles, soaps, and other fancy personalization items.

There is also a new trend of bath salt with added scent options. It is now possible to add a hint of lavender or a delicious orange blossom scent to your bath salt. If you would like to invigorate your bath, then adding a few drops of peppermint or spearmint oil to your bath salt could be a delightful alternative to lavender. Another option would be to add a beautiful exotic scent to your bath salts such as a beautiful lavender or jasmine scent.

Many bath salts also contain essential oils. These essential oils can be used as aromatherapy for your bath. Some of these scented oils include rosewater, gardenia, vanilla, coconut, patchouli, pine, heliotrope, sandalwood, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. These are just a few of the many choices available for bath salt scents.

While bath salt is still slightly novelty, its usage has definitely increased over the past several years. More people are discovering the joys of relaxing in their baths salt. They have discovered that they can use their bath salt for relaxation, for shaving, for bathing and for romantic purposes. If you haven't had a chance to experience the relaxing power of bath salt, then you definitely need to give it a try.

One of the first things you might want to consider before deciding to purchase bath salt is where you plan on using it. Will you be using it in your bathroom? Is it just a decorative item that you plan on decorating your bath with? The purpose of the bath salt is to add relaxation to the atmosphere of your bath, but will it really be used primarily for relaxation or will it be used for the purpose of decoration?

If you are planning on using bath salts for the decorative purpose of decorating your bath and want to use the decorative scents available, then you should purchase bath salts that are colored pink or purple. This is because when the salt is placed on the walls, it causes the colors to blend into one another making it seem almost like the walls are made out of a single colored material. This effect is not created by most bath salts. Therefore, if you want a bath that makes you feel relaxed, choose bath salts that will produce this effect.

Many people who use bath salts for the decorative purpose of decorating their bath do so because they want to add some color to their bath. Therefore, bath salts that are colored blue, green, yellow, or red are considered relaxing colors by many people. These bath salts will give you a bath that looks like it was decorated with bath salts but, the salts have not been added to the water. If you are looking for a bath that looks beautiful with the addition of bath salts, you will want to select a bath salt that is very similar in color to the bath water.

Some bath salts from dead sea salt, such as lavender bath salts are designed to be soothing. Other bath salts are designed to be evocative of a certain time or place in history. Other bath salts are designed to be scented with essential oils that are related to the bath or region in which it has been chosen. No matter what your reason is for selecting bath salt, you are sure to find a decorative bath salt that will make your bath the relaxing place that it is meant to be.