Termites cause over $ 5 billion worth of damage nationwide. The two main types of termites are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. The difference is that subterranean termites have underground nests or colonies.  Choosing a pest control company is an important decision. You can find out more details about best termite company via https://www.crownandshieldpestsolutions.com/termites.

Alternative treatment of termites from dry wood

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Their colonies are usually large and can have more than a million individuals. In contrast, dry wood termites live on the wood itself.

Colonies are relatively small everywhere – ranging from less than a hundred to several thousand. However, drywood termites spread faster and can form multiple colonies throughout a structure.

Smoking with kangas is most often used to combat dry wood termites. This method is considered the most effective because, if used properly, it causes 100% mortality of all dry termite colonies within the structure. However, this method has drawbacks.

The most common thing is damage to the roofing material. Because a fumigator has to step on a roof that has a 100-pound cover, it can crack or crack roofs such as brick, slate, or even older roofs. Preparation can also be a hassle.

Food and medicine should be taken outside for protection or packed in special nylofume bags. Plants, shrubs, and trees near the roofline or walls should be trimmed.

Other disadvantages are vandalism and theft. Even though the structure was covered with a tarp and warning signs were already there, brave and foolish criminals still bravely attacked when the tarpaulin was removed.